How To Study Abroad For Free From India

How To Study Abroad For Free From India

Getting the best education does not come CHEAP !! Especially when you think of countries that have an excellent quality of education.

University prices and other living expenses are continuously rising throughout the countries, college students are looking for alternatives to pursue a recognized degree that too without feeling too much burden on their pockets.

This brings us back to our question, can college students study overseas/ abroad for free? So if you want to study abroad but can’t deal with the major price tag, consider one of these countries where you can study abroad for free.

If you’re keen to have a look at abroad for a low cost, or no fee at all, and don’t thoughts navigating greater paperwork and applications,

you may find yourself analysing overseas for free, with the option to do a year or maybe your complete degree foreign places too.

So if you want to take a look at overseas however can’t deal with the major rate tag, consider one of these countries where you may study overseas for free.

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Countries that provides Study Abroad Free Education


Germany is known for its wonderful university system, and all international college students can study here without spending a money after paying a every year management fee, which is usually less than €350.

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The united states of America has plenty of cool towns that you may take a look at overseas in, all even as paying not anything for your training and with low living charges if you skip on reading in the major cities like Munich.

In my opinion, Germany is the absolute satisfactory alternative if you want to observe study abroad free.

2. Brazil :

If you can talk Portuguese, you may get yourself a free education at one of Brazil’s esteemed public universities for simply a very small registration fees while your course begins.

You’ll need to take a test, simply as other potential Brazilian college students will do, and to demonstrate your Portuguese skill level, you’ll want to get a CELPE-Bras certificate.

3. France :

You are shocked to know that you can study free in France, regardless of their nationality. The only thing is to pay a little admin fee and know a little bit about the French language.

It’s important to note that France’s most esteemed universities, called grandes École’s, do charge tuition, so stick with a public university in France if you want to study abroad for free.

4. Austria :

Another country that provides study free in Europe is Austria. Anyone with an EU/EEA passport can study for up to eight semesters for free in Austria,

Plus a couple of small admin costs. But if you are not in the EU national, the university is till provide some courses free of cost or in very less amount.

5. Italy :

Public universities in Italy are cheaper as they charge hardly EUR 900 & EUR 4000 per year for graduates programs. EU students are eligible for the same funding option as for the Italian students for loans, grants, scholarships and etc.

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