3 Countries students are choosing for Study abroad after covid19

3 Countries students are choosing for Study abroad after covid19 

Plans for Study Abroad after covid19 and concentrating abroad are as yet in progress as Covid-19 lockdown proceeds in numerous zones. Here are the nation’s understudies are wanting to concentrate abroad after Covid-19.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, abroad instruction consultancy specialists in India gauge a 40 percent dropdown.

With the US having the highest number of Covid-19 positive cases and numerous European nations not far behind, Students are thinking for some other options.

Indian students are thinking to drop down their plans for Study Abroad after covid19 due to the covid19 effects on all over the world.

As many students have plans for exams, visas, and any paperwork or formalities which are required for the overseas study but all in vain due to the coronavirus.

Effect Of Covid19 in Overseas Study

See as we all know almost all the countries are lockdown nowadays and it affects their own pocket as well as the economic loss. It has also an effect on the higher studies of students in many ways.

Here are the some points which effects Study Abroad after covid19 :

  • No face to face connection: As we all know that there is the proper lockdown in the whole of the country. So the schools, universities & institutions are also closed.

Classes are conduct online so that there will be late or postponed for the exam which may delay the award of the degree.

  • No travel: There will be a delay in the visa process as all the airports remain closed and no immigration process will be held.
  • Admission procedure & application deadline: Since the pandemic is influencing educating, yet additionally organization and the qualification of candidates,

it is conceivable that colleges will make changes to their affirmations forms, and defer application cut-off times or semester start dates. If you don’t mind check the site of your ideal institution(s) consistently for any updates.

Students who are already abroad are worrying whether they should go back or stay here and do some part-time jobs.

After covid19 as many middle-class student’s parents are not sure that they will be able to pay he loans and other expenditures as the jobs are no more because of covid19.

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Countries students are choosing for studying abroad after Covid-19

But still, there are many students who still think about going to Study abroad after the covid19. The choices of the countries may vary for students after this pandemic.

So, A Survey took place and the result is shocking that students are still to go for their plan country as there plan will be no huge effect for study abroad after covid19.

Here are the list of top 3 countries which are still in demand for Study Abroad after covid19


Germany has been the most smoking European study abroad goal for Indian students for some time now.

Advantage from a great instructive framework to assist you with progressing in your vacation, become familiar with another language, by making new companions and associating with different students,

and increase a stunning beneficial encounter to recollect for a considerable length of time to drop by contemplating and living as a remote understudy in Germany.

There are many colleges in Germany that have free or low-charge educational cost programs accessible for worldwide understudies.

Regardless of whether you need to consider Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business, Germany is the spot to be.

Consolidating excellent instruction with a one of a kind social encounter living in Germany is the fundamental motivation behind why youngsters from all around the globe come to Germany.

We have been highlighted on over a thousand advanced education sites and esteemed papers Their universal understudy numbers have consistently been in the high ten-thousands regardless of their fairly nearly better expectations for determination.

The TU9 are a Mecca for Engineering and Technology understudies and with Germany’s tasteful reaction to the coronavirus, study abroad after covid19 queries of students to go for Germany Studies is on the spike.

In the previous decade or somewhere in the vicinity, these building centered schools have opened up business colleges and extended their frame of reference of speculation by wedding innovation with business bringing about another age of tech pioneers and trend-setters.

One of the other reasons for the demands of German Study abroad after covid19 is that many institutions or universities do not charge or very less bucks charges fees for students.

This will be very helpful for the middle class students who wants to pursue the overseas study.

UK ( United Kingdom )

Who hasn’t thoughts concentrating in the UK over the most recent a half year? With the new PSW VISA being stretched out for a long time now in contrast with the last standard of 4-6 months,

the UK has made the most vital exit out of the EU after Study Abroad after covid19.

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The UK has continually been considered as a part of the best 5 destination goals for Indian understudies persistently for the recent decades,

however now with the extra unwinding and broadened stay back, it is giving the US and Canada’s global understudy request a run for its cash

As many universities and governments are already helping the students who are stuck in the UK due to pandemic. It’s such great news that universities help the students in Study Abroad after covid19

While most colleges are intending to proceed with the same old thing and open up the doors when it is cleanly suitable,

it is truly outstanding to perceive how colleges have met up and functioned intimately with accomplices like us to be at the bleeding edge of an understudy first way to deal with adjusting their candidates and approaching understudies.

New Zealand

If we talk about the covid19 cases we all know the cases are almost zero (0) amongst other overseas destinations.

New Zealand is a youthful nation where autonomy, activity and cleverness are more profoundly respected than status or rules.

As an understudy here you’ll be urged to be addressing, adaptable and to look for your own answers by having an independent perspective.

Overseas university consultants are here to give data, counsel, and direction to you during your time in New Zealand while learning at the University.

Their essential job is support, as opposed to academics advice. The group can likewise give data about visas and protection.

We comprehend that living and concentrating in an outside nation can be testing and discussing it can help. This is especially significant now when you might be restless about your family abroad and what’s going on in your nation of origin.

You know what help the country helps for no cases , here are the some points

  • If you’re sick, stay home.
  • Don’t be socialize more.
  • If you have symptoms of cold or flu call your doctor and get the advice.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces.
  • If you have been told by health authorities to self-isolate, you must do so immediately and be a responsible citizen.
  • Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

Students who are legally entitled to the wages subsidy whether for part-time or full-time employees are being paid off.

Huge drop down if the classes conduct online only

It is also possible if the university charges are same but the classes conducts or provide online then there is a huge chances of drop down for overseas plans.

Students are not ready to pay the same for the online classes. Universities need to reduce some bucks if they wanna continue online classes.

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Survey whether Students still prefer for overseas study

As per the Shiksha survey, the impact of study abroad after covid19 on study plans of Indian students found that 41% of students who responded ‘strongly confirmed’ that they intended to go abroad for studies anyway. Only 11% are considering cancelling their plans. And rest are not conformed yet.


So the fact is after researching all of this, these are the 3 countries which are still in demand for study abroad after covid19. One for the low investment and high return and were others for the least coronavirus cases.

As parents are also worried about their children’s health and studies. Due to covid19, every student faces the academic problems ass the university provides online classes but there will be no longer that students attend online classes only.

Apart from this, these countries ( New Zealand, UK, Germany ) are always in the top 5 destinations for Indian Students and the best part is students still prefer to Study abroad after covid19.

Students soon starts their earning through part-time jobs as they did earlier. Hope that the situation will be normal soon and we all are back in our work as before.


1.When can I start applying for study abroad programs?

Ans. Apply as soon as possible. Does it mean if you can apply first then you have sufficient time to arrange all the information or tickets?

2.How long do study abroad programs take?

Ans. We can’t say anything because it depends on the program which you opt for. If we are talking about UK education then generally the length of the degree is three years. At the same time If we are talking about the USA then normally four years.

3. How do I get started?

Ans. First, make your mind that you are going abroad for further study. Then collect the information from google or other search engines. Get in touch with the consultant too (helps to get information)

4.Is after covid19, studying in abroad worth it or how the Study Abroad after covid19?

Ans. Definitely YES !! It will like full of new opportunity and also you are entering the like new world. So, new things new opportunities.


Ans. Guys, in India there is only single Intake. If in any case, you missed it You have to wait for the entire year. But don’t be upset for study abroad.

In abroad viz: UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and many more countries offer various intakes. Let us assume you missed the JANUARY INTAKE then don’t be sad, you can apply for SPRING INTAKE.

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