Comprehensive Career Guidance Platform Mindler Raises $1.5M in Pre-Series Per Round

Mindler, a leading EdTech career guidance and planning platform, has raised $1.5 million in its pre-Series A round of investor groups associated with Edupreneur Village, Ecosystem Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures and Chennai Angels.

Founded in July 2015 by Prateek Bhargava, Mindler equips students, counselors and schools to have a career planning platform that is future-ready, providing all stakeholders involved with state-of-the-art technology, powered by algorithms for machine learning and in-depth analytics. The startup uses its AI and machine learning-based platform along with expert advice to provide career guidance to students. It also provides assessments and resources to help students understand different career profiles, the types of opportunities they can pursue, and more.

Prateek Bhargava, founder of Mindler, said of the company:

“We at Mindler focus on both the supply and demand side of the career guidance landscape, creating a sustainable model for long-term customer engagement and retention. We are driving a movement to empower students to take a science-based approach to career decisions With Edupreneur Village and nVentures on board, we are confident that we can reach every basic student, something that is now possible for us through Sri Aurobindo Society’s extensive education network.”

The Delhi-based startup aims to empower all stakeholders in student career decision-making. In addition to a comprehensive career counseling platform for students, Mindler also provides a SaaS platform for educators and EdTech partners to create their own career counseling ecosystem.

Commenting on the investment, nVentures founder and CEO, Ashok Verma, said:

“We are very excited to make our first investment in education in India through Edupreneur Village. Edupreneur Village’s platform approach to giving consumers access to its startups increases the chance of success for any company invested in.”

Sambhrant Sharma, Director of Education and Member Director of Sri Aurobindo Society, laid out an exciting vision for this association:

“Mindler’s technology-based, low-cost career guidance platform can provide much-needed career ambition to 250 million K-12 children across India at a very early age, creating an opportunity to lift countless families out of the low-exposure-performance equilibrium.” Sri Aurobindo Society can facilitate adoption of the last mile for Mindler as we work with 31 state governments across India and have multiple education programs such as Edupreneur Village.”

Edupreneur Village (part of Sri Aurobindo Society) is India’s largest EdTech ecosystem that nurtures education startups across India by providing them accelerated support, consumer access and investment. It aims to harness cutting-edge EdTech innovation from India and the world, to enable grassroots adoption and thereby enable educational transformation in a scalable and sustainable way. The company has invested $200,000 through its partner nVentures, a Singapore-based VC fund.

According to Nitin Bhalla who manages Edupreneur Village, Mindler is the 2nd investment through Edupreneur Village ecosystem. The first such investment in Scholar (an AI app for solving education doubts) was acquired by Byju’s last year, achieving the success of its platform-based consumer access to investors and collaborating education companies. The platform engages students through a variety of services, such as micro-grants, learning assessments, and educational content.

In November 2021, Mindler had announced the acquisition of Immrse, a virtual career internship and simulation platform in a cash and stock deal. In the same year, the company had raised INR 10.75 crore (about $1.4 million) in a pre-series A funding round led by Ecosystem Ventures.

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